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(Number of Inmates: 4 )

Bowser, Blake Austin

Booking Number: B21000000124
Charges: 21-5503(a3)(B2) Rape.
Offender is 18 or older and victim is < 14 YOA: STAT|21-5603(a)(4) Contribute to a child misconduct.
Shelter/conceal a runaway: STAT
Bond: 250000
Arresting Agency: Sabetha PD
Date: 20210724 08:40
Age: 18, Sex: M, Race: W

Cooney, Kenneth Lee

Booking Number: B21000000147
Charges: 75-5217 Parole violation: STAT|21-5801(a)(4)(b3) Possession of stolen property.
Value $1500 to $25000: STAT|21-5801(a)(1)(b3) Theft of property or services.
Value $1500 to $25000: STAT
Bond: 12500
Arresting Agency: Seneca PD
Date: 20210901 10:40
Age: 45, Sex: M, Race: W

Griffith, Nathaniel Lee

Booking Number: B21000000131
Charges: 21-5510(a2)(b1)(A) Sexual exploitation of a child.
possess media of child <18: STAT
Bond: 100000
Arresting Agency: Seneca PD
Date: 20210803 17:55
Age: 34, Sex: M, Race: W

Nix, Marvin Dwaine

Booking Number: B21000000143
Charges: 21-5504(b1)(c3) Aggravated criminal sodomy.
Offender 18 or older and child <14: STAT|21-5506(b3)(A)(C3) Aggravated indecent liberties w child.
Offender =>18 fondle child <14: STAT|21-5504(b1)(c3) Aggravated criminal sodomy.
Offender 18 or older and child <14: STAT
Bond: 1000000
Arresting Agency: Nemaha County Sheriff's Office
Date: 20210826 01:56
Age: 41, Sex: M, Race: W