Inmate Mail

Persons in the Nemaha County Jail can receive mail during the time they are incarcerated. All mail is delivered in person, as it is received, to those for whom it is addressed and is distributed Monday through Saturday. No delivery is made on Sundays or holidays. All mail (with the exception of “legal mail”) is opened and inspected for contraband and security breaches according to federal guidelines. Mail pertaining to legal matters is opened in the

presence of the inmate to whom it is addressed. Any threats or illegal contraband received via the mail will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities for investigation and legal action. All mail must have a complete return address and be addressed with the inmate’s full name and the address of the Nemaha County Jail.

Inmates Name
C/O Nemaha County Jail
212 N 6th Street
Seneca, Kansas 66538

Mail received at the Jail which does not display the correct information may be placed in the inmate’s property or be returned to the sender. Mail received for inmates who are no longer at the Nemaha County Jail is returned to the sender.

As a general rule, inmates are allowed to receive letters, cards, postcards, and 3×5 or 4×6 photographs. The Nemaha County Jail reserves the right to return to the sender any letter, picture, article, or package (with the exception of ‘legal’ mail) which the Jail guidelines deem inappropriate for introduction into the facility. Items mailed to the inmates which are declared unacceptable will be placed in the inmate’s property or returned to the sender as they are received.