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Visitation Information

Inmates of the Nemaha County Jail are allowed to have visits while being incarcerated at the jail, except when an inmate is restricted from doing so. Failure to follow the visitation rules will result in the cancellation of a visit and possible suspension of the visitor or inmate from future visiting privileges. It is the inmate's responsibility to comply with all rules and to inform their visitors of these rules, so that a scheduled visit is successfully completed.


Visitation Schedule:


You Must Call to Schedule Visitations,
Time are available on Saturdays from 09:00 to 3:00 pm. 


Inmates will be brought in from the jail one at a time on visitation day. Time allotted for each visit depends on the number of persons signing in to see inmates. If time permits for a second visitation, then it will be permitted.  Only two visitors will be allowed at one time. Any additional persons must wait in the waiting area if room permits. All others must remain outside the office.  All persons under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by their legal guardian. All visitors must be properly dressed. No revealing clothing.  Any Sheriff’s Office personnel can, at their discretion, refuse visitation if someone is not dressed appropriately.  Visitors may only visit once a week.


IMPORTANT: The Sheriff or his designated representative, may cancel any visitation or remove any visitor who violates a jail rule, or any person who, in their opinion, poses a threat to the Jail security or to another inmate, visitor or staff member.


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