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Richard D. Vernon

Commissary Information

Persons in the Nemaha County Jail can purchase food, personal hygiene and other items, weekly (including holidays) from the jail's commissary. Money is deposited to an inmate’s account and, in turn, inmates may purchase commissary items drawing on the funds in their account. Inmates on restriction status may purchase only personal hygiene items. The purchase of commissary items by incarcerated persons is a privilege and not a right. Access to the commissary may be withheld for just cause.


Persons may make deposits to an inmate's commissary account in two different ways:


1.       In person with cash only: Cash Deposits are at the Sheriff's Office inside the east entrance of the Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office at 212 N 6th Street, Seneca, Kansas.  Deposits can be made from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday- excluding county holidays. The minimum deposit accepted is $5.00 and the maximum is $100.00.

2.       Via the U.S. Mail with money orders: Deposits are be made to commissary accounts via the U.S. Mail but only Postal Prepaid Money Orders, other accredited prepaid money orders and U.S. government checks are accepted. Cash, personal or payroll checks and credit cards numbers are not accepted. All money orders received for deposit on inmate accounts must be made payable to Nemaha County Inmate Account. The inmate's name, must be on the money order and be the one that the inmate used when they were processed into the jail. Money orders without the necessary information will be returned to the sender.


Please use this address format when sending money orders to the jail:


Inmates Name

C/O Nemaha County Jail

212 N 6th Street

Seneca, Kansas 66538